How to Cook Rice in a Pressure Cooker ~ Pressure Cooker Basics ~ Noreen's Kitchen

How to Cook Rice in a Pressure Cooker ~ Pressure Cooker Basics ~ Noreen's Kitchen

Today I wanted to share a pressure cooker basic! How to cook rice in your electric pressure cooker! I know that rice is easy to cook on the stove, but it may not be for you or others who have just begun to learn how to cook. If you don’t buy an electric pressure cooker for any other reason, buy it to cook rice. Then move on to other things. But cooking rice in this piece of kitchen equipment can be a time saver, a life saver and an sanity saver!

I have more than one electric pressure cooker. The one I am using today is the Power Pressure Cooker XL 6 quart model. I also have a 10 quart Elite pressure cooker by Maxi-Matic. I love both of these machines and will never be without them. I do have occassion where I will use both of them at the same time. For instance when I make my salsa chicken in the big PC I can make the rice in the small one and even if I forgot to thaw my chicken I can have it ready and on the table in less than an hour.

This rice takes 6 minutes in this PC. The push button presets are awesome. I am using parcooked or converted rice, but since we are using the pressure cooker there is no thinking or math when it comes to cooking it. White rice whether long grain or converted is equal parts rice to water, I like to add a teaspoon of salt and always remember to add 1 or 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil! If you don’t you could end up damaging your machine and then your investment goes out the window. The oil helps to keep the starch from foaming up while the rice is cooking under pressure, so be sure to put it in there!

If you have a different machine from me, please consult the manufacturer’s instruction manual to be sure you are doing the right thing for your model. I cook my rice by placing the lid, setting the timer and making sure the lid is sealed properly. Then it will take 10 minutes or so for the cooker to come up to pressure then it will cook for 6 minutes. It will not begin to count down the cooking time until the machine has reached full pressure. Then once the cooking time has finished, I like to long release the pressure, or “natural” release, this means you do not engage the vent. You simply allow the pressure to come down naturally. This will allow the rice to absorb and steam to perfection.

When the lid will easily open without being forced, take it of and fluff the rice with a rice spoon if you have one. Mine came with one, but I could not put my hands on it. They look like a little paddle/shovel and they are designed for fluffing rice so as not to break the grains. A spoon or fork will work great too!

The rice, when cooked this way is really quite perfect. I am not exaggerating! Fluffing and separate! The way rice should be. I have to admit, I was rice challenged for most of my life. I could not cook a good pot of rice on top of the stove until about 10 years ago. It was always under cooked and crunchy or overcooked and mushy. It really wasn’t until I started using the par cooked rice that I had success. But now I can cook anything on top of the stove. However I prefer to make it in the PC. Takes less time, I don’t have to babysit it and it comes out perfect every time!

If you are considering a pressure cooker, I highly encourage you to do your research and find one that will be a good fit for you. There are many different brands. I have the Power Pressure XL and the Elite, and I love them both. I have used the Wolfgang Puck Bistro PC in the past. In fact that was the brand of my first two, but they didn’t last long and malfunctioned after the warranty expired. InstaPot is another brand to look for!

I hope you give cooking rice in the pressure cooker a try and I hope you love it!

Happy Eating!

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